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May 26, 2016

Our next guest is the founder of, is a published author and a good friend.

He teaches people how to improve their willpower and self discipline so that they can achieve any goal. His recently released book the Will of Heroes is getting stellar reviews on Amazon and was funded through a very kickstarter campaign.

His work stands out in the noise of performance psychology writers and he is an expert in the science of willpower.

Colin Robertson, welcome to the Show!


Topics Covered:

  • Q: What are the most common reasons someone would want to understand willpower and how to improve it? What has improving your willpower allowed you to do in your career?
  • Q: What caused you to be so interested in the science of willpower? And what's the story behind
  • Q: What are some of the most common misconceptions about willpower?
  • Q: Most people dream about achieving their goals in business, health, love or happiness and yet so many of us fail to follow though. It's March as of this recording and most people have fallen off their new year's resolutions. How do we use the science of willpower to stick with and achieve our goals?
  • Q: Let's talk about your recently released book the Will of Heroes. What's it about and how can someone benefit from reading your book?
  • Q: Most people including myself have dreamed about writing a book and few of us actually do it. What skills, habits and routines did you need to develop in to write the Will of Heroes?
  • Q: What did you learn about yourself going through the process of writing the book?
  • Q: Let's talk about your habits and personal productivity. What are the productivity habits you personally swear by?
  • Q: What does your daily routine look like?
  • Q: Who were your mentors (either in person or virtual) and how did they help you streamline your growth as an entrepreneur and writer?
  • Q: What are you most excited about right now?


Rapid Fire Questions:

What is the #1 habit you contribute most to your success? Typing 1,000 words per day

What is the #1 book you’ve recommended to others and why? Mastery , Willpower Instinct and the Will of Heroes.

What is your favorite online tool or app? SumoMe

What podcasts do you tune into regularly? Audible and Joe Rogan

Before you take off, can you let us know where the best place is to connect with you? www.Willpowered.Co

May 17, 2016

My first guests on the UNLEASH Your Inner Genius Podcast are the founders of IDEA LEMON, an education platform that helps you discover your inner awesome so you can have your dream career.

Their newly released course titled Discover your Inner Awesome Master Class helps people including yours truly figure out what you want, gain confidence, and get to the next level in your career by establishing thought leadership.

And today we're going to talk about building a badass personal brand that makes you standout from the crowd.

Questions/Topics Covered During the Show:

Q: Most people listening are at the point where they realize that their career is not what they want. They want a promotion, or to be in a different industry or to start a business. And they are probably asking "How did it come to this?". What do you think is the reason that we often end up in this place, where we are so dissatisfied and feel stuck? 
Q: What is personal branding and how can it help someone who wants to be more than just the status quo? How has it helped people you've worked with?
Q:How do you build a badass personal brand that gets you noticed?
Q: If I am someone listening to this, and I want to stand out from the crowd. What's the first thing I should do?
Q: What are the most common roadblocks or success barriers that you see with people when they are developing their personal brand?
Q: What strategies or exercises can someone use to start building their personal brand?

Rapid Fire Questions:

What is the #1 habit you contribute most to your success? 
Martin - Perseverance (Journaling, podcasts)  
Raj recording his content, put himself close to the source of knowledge)

What is the #1 book you’ve recommended to others and why? 
Martin- A more Beautiful Question
RAJ - I Will Teach You To Be Rich - Ramit Sethi

What is your favorite online tool or app? 
Martin -
Raj - voice memos app

What podcasts do you tune into regularly? 
Cracked podcast, Unmistakable Creative, Hidden brain, Microphone Check, Presidential

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