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Aug 25, 2016

Our next guest Andrew McDermot is the founder of the nutritional performance company First Finisher. He’s also a good friend and the host of the Champions Mindset Podcast.

Andrew welcome to the Unleash Your Inner Genius Podcast!

Question/Topics We Will Cover:

  • Tell us about the work you do and how you became interested in mindset, nutrition, health, fitness and peak athletic performance?

  • What’s the story behind your interest in supplementation and building a champions mindset?

  • What daily health, lifestyle, and nutritional principles do you recommend to others who live a busy high-stress life? 

  • Do you have any strategies for lowering stress and relaxing at the end of a hard day (PM Routine)?

  • What are the key supplements for the peak performer?

  • Do you use any nootropics to maintain a champions mindset?

  • What personal development strategies do you recommend for building a champions mindset (books, courses, daily practices, etc.)?


Rapid Fire Questions:

What is the #1 habit you contribute most to your success?

  • Waking Up early

Do you have a morning routine or a ritual to prime yourself for the day?


What is the #1 book you’ve recommended to others and why?

  • Mastery

What is your favorite online tool or app?

  • Evernote

What podcasts do you tune into regularly?

Where’s the best place is to connect with you?


Other Resources Mentioned:

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